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Artist Sergey Stelmashonok's own art project

Cat and energy

When little Kosha the cat stayed all alone at home, he immediately switched on the light in all the rooms.

No, he was not afraid of the shade under the couch or of the darkness in the cellar, like some little kittens do. But... it was somehow more joyful with the lights on.

He also turned on the TV set quite loud and the radio as well (one for each room), so that it would be more fun to wander around the house. He turned on the computer - as he always dreamt to play Cat-Tetris.

Then Koshka took the ironing board out and turned the iron on (as he loved his fur to be well-ironed).

Passing by a vacuum cleaner, Kasha noticed how wonderfully it was purring and how beautifully all the lights were glowing. Then Koshka opened the fridge and started exploring it on the inside...

And suddenly Koshka heard strange noises. He was very much surprised (but he was not scared, maybe just a little bit), as he knew it for sure, that - apart from him - there was NO ONE at home.

And still grumbling, whispering and hissing was heard from different corners. And the amazing thing was that he heard loud purring!

Koshka himself also liked to purr. But who else could do it in an empty house?

So Koshka started to search for the source of purring. The sound became louder and louder, and in the corridor it became really loud.

And then Koska saw a big black active energy meter on the wall. It was breathing heavily, purring desperately and spinning the wheel very-very fast. In fact, it was purring so loud that probably it was heard even in the street.

— What’s wrong? — asked Koska.

— it is so hard for me to cound how much energy all the devices that you have turned on devour — grumbled the active energy meter. — The big cats will come home... and what will you tell them?
Why is the active energy meter - i.e. me - showing that so much energy has been used?

— F-f-f! — hissed the iron from above. — When will he starrrt irrroning? I am sooo hot!

— Oooh... I am so tired of bloooowing... — buzzed the vacuum cleaner waving his nose-trunk disapprovingly.

— Brrr! — muttered the fridge. — You have forrrgotten to close my doorrr again! And I need to worrrk harrrder to keep everrrything cold…

The host of some TV show announced very clearly: "While African cats can’t afford one single bulb, SOME CATS (there was an expressive pause) turn on ALL THE lights in their homes, though it is not dark outside!"

The computer agreed with him as it was buzzing loudly when solving all the difficult tasks of Cat-Tetris. Old bulbs were crackling a bit, showing off to everyone that they are still full of energy.

Koshka felt really guilty, thought for some time and turned off the radio, the iron and the vacuum cleaner. And then he turned off all the lights in the apartment (except for the bathroom, as there was a tiny spider on the switch, Koshka pitied it ad left some light for the spider to feel happy). Kashka didn’t turn the fridge off, but he closed it’s door. The fridge muttered for some time and then became silent again.

It was so silent that even the TV host said: "It’s so good!" And turned himself off. The DVD-player - before turning off automatically - put out his flat tongue with a DVD-disk on it.

But Koshka did not take offense as he was very busy building a house for the tiny spider. This house had everything that every living being would need: bulbs, lamps, an iron, a vacuum cleaner, a TV set, a fridge... There was also a small black active energy meter, which is checking energy consumption, as it is VERY important.

Koshka was really in a hurry. He wanted to make a house for the spider as soon as possible and teach him how important it is that even the little ones care about energy. In this case everyone will have plenty of it, and the African cats will turn on in their homes not one bulb but... many bulbs!

At the same time Koshka made several magical notes for his friends. The notes looked like spider-web and they reminded everyone that no one should ever leave lights and electricity on.

And while Koshka was doing all that he could hear the satisfied and happy purring of the active energy meter, that was spinning the wheel very-very slowly.

- The End (but for this fairy-tale only, the story is to be continued here) -

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