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How to get energized
8th fairy-tale about Koshka the kitten

Koshka the kitten felt tired from the very morning. he way lying on the sofa, looking sadly at the ceiling and thinking:

That is so strange - I haven’t done anything today yet...
Although he had marvellous plans on cleaning up in his locker, where all his mice-figurines were stored. He made those figurines out of dough, while his mother was baking pies in the kitchen. All the members of the family loved pies, that’s why there were lots of mice-figurines. By the way, Koshka the kitten deliberately made his figurines out of saulty dough so that no one would attempt to eat them.

But today Koshka the kitten was so weak, that he hardly had any strenghth to make even one very small mouse.

- If only you has a key like the one I have, - said the little clock-work bird. - Then you could wind up yourself and jump-jum-jump...

- No, - objected the six-pawed car - Koshka’s favourite toy - It is much better to have batteries like I do and run around the room all day long!

- I envy you... If only I had a battery or at least a key - purred Koshka thoughtfully and stroked his own fluffy belly - then I could jump all day long without feeling tired. I could winds up from time to time or change the battery - and be full of energy again!

- Listen up, small fry - Dad’s smartphone and laptop were speaking with disdain as they considered themselves to be the smartest - we don’t even need a new battery! We can be simply re-charged with electricity: in this way we can work eternally!

- How can I charge myself? - thought Koshka - if onle I could find a special charger for cats...

Just a minute! Koshka was still lying but in his thoughts he jumped on all four paws. May be that is the reason why his mother wakes him up every morning so that he should do the morning excercises. And maybe he feels so weak today because he was lazy and didn’t do his morning excercises - that is a charger for him!

When Koshka understood everything, he jumped off the sofa, and started waving his tail and all his paws in turn. Right after that he felt that now he was charged with energy.

He started running around the room, jumping on the curtains and his locker (with mice-figurines) where he was planning to climb with the help of a ladder just ceveral minutes ago.

When his mother heard all those lively noises, looked into the room, amiled and said: - You should have done it long ago. So, are you full of energy now?

Of course, - purred Koshka hanging from the сhandelier. Then he jumped into the street throuh the bathroom window, landed softly on a flowerbed and - mewing happily - ran along the street with his tail being put up.

Important note

If you are stroking a real cat and it’s fur is electrifying, don’t make a charger out of it! :-)

It may be happening just because of the fact that the air in your flat is too dry, and by electrifying itself the cat shows that you need to pay attention to the air humidity.

And if the cat doesn’t object to taking a shower you could wash her with a conditioner.

But if the cat doesn’t like that at all, you could use some antistatic substance: just spray some of that on the cat’s fur and comb it.

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